Meinl am Graben

  • This project for the complete renovation of the Meinl branch in Graben in 1999/2000 goes beyond the borders of Europe. Commissioned by Herr Meinl V, the conversion was a challenge that is second to none.

Urban Renewal Award 2017

  • The Landstraßer Hauptstraße project at Rochus Markt was a general renovation and addition of a 2-storey attic conversion. With a glass tower elevator in the inner courtyard to the penthouses and the revitalization of the building structure.

Design architecture

  • No project is too small or too big for us. We are happy to take over the architecture and design and deliver your dream come true and bring it to life. Because you deserve it.

Art Nouveau house and facade in the Kaiserstraße protected as a historic monument

  • Revitalization of an Art Nouveau house on behalf of the landowner/builder. Complete design of the listed facade in the protection zone.

Canadian Chalets

  • We develop chalet villages and have access to interesting properties in the alpine/high alpine area. The claim and our challenge to the solution approaches are always exceeded in favor and to the satisfaction of the investors.

Residential complex -1230 Wien

  • This feasibility study has been generated out of the official zoning planning and the regulations for the building area.

Urban Renewal Award – 1030 Wien