As a guarantor who serves innovations and energy concepts.

In a nutshell: In addition to architectural planning, our tasks are consulting, support and services in the field of project management, feasibility studies, local construction supervision and construction coordination – up to general planner, we can cover everything if required. 

Our services at a glance:

  • Comprehensive advice – expert opinions, studies and analyses of the planned project, energy consulting (change from fossil fuels, Insulation etc.)
  • Project planning/studies – plans and 3D concepts, preparation/specifications for implementation
  • Project control/project management – on behalf of the client – coordination of the specialists (Fachplaner)
  • Local building supervision/ÖBA – the control and construction supervision of the different specialists (Bauwerke)
  • Baukoordination/BauKG – in accordance with the specifications of the Construction Coordination Act 
  • Energy management – energy concepts, reduction of CO2 balance and thermodynamics
  • Building certification – energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, life cycle costs, energy assessments for buildings
    Energy Monitoring and Building Operation as well as Chemicals Management IPO Building Pass

We design your projects under the standard of thermodynamics of the renewable energy concepts. We improve your CO2 balance and ensure energy awareness, thereby reducing your energy requirements. With intelligent use and design for reduced heat transfer, we set new standards of sustainability and energetics.